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tonight on "world news," sounding the alarm. urgent new warnings about massive earthquake faults could come to this country. are you at risk and don't know it? are reporter gets the shock of her life. did the administration funnel billions of dollars for desperately needed jobs to big obama fund-raiser. the brian ross investigation breaks here tonight. whale of a comeback. this 12,000-pound killer whale is back on the job. tonight, see the performance that had the sellout crowd
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cheering. and what would you do. you and your buddies win a mind-boggling jackpot. one friend didn't kick in. it's the $319 dimillion dilemma. good evening. if you think you live with an earthquake couldn't happen, if cow think the country is prepared to deal with a devastating quake, a wakeup call tonight. with image of japan in all our minds, top scientists issued a report saying we're in the ready. 39 of 50 states sit in the zones. the dark red are the riskiest. we decided to look at tennessee. steve osunsami is there tonight.
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>> reporter: the last time this fault jolted was in 1976. you could feel it hundreds of miles away. scientists say this area is overdue for a much bigger one. and that everyone should be ready. experts said the japanese are proof you can never be too prepared for earthquakes. they were the most ready in the worlds. sky scrapers built on springs. it was still devastating. today, scientists in the u.s. say we're unprepared. >> a number of cities are at risk. boston, new york city, charlesson. >> reporter: it's not just california. the most dangerous zone is in the middle of the country. the last big one here was in 1895. and when, not if, when it happens, millions will be left homeless. >> it's a hard, cold slap slab
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that allows the energy to travel. in california, energy dissipates quicker. >> reporter: jerry is a geologist in memphis. he shows us cities that would not make it. >> in areas that may receive the most damage, you would expect that those fire department buildings may not be operational. >> reporter: the scientists suggest we test early warning systems. they are pushing for more aggressive building codes. and new rules to reinforce our oldest buildings. >> the you look at haiti, chile, christchurch and how to japan, the question would why aren't we getting ready. >> reporter: they're hoping that everyone takes them seriously. >> thanks, steve.
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as the country weighs how to respond to that report, abc's yunji de nies explores the latest science on how you survive a quake. >> reporter: this is no typical living room. for me, it was no typical interview. oh. the folks at ready america invited me to their earthquake simulator. wow. they decided to catch me off guard. wow. >> i know. >> reporter: that was so strorng. i didn't know what to do. >> exactly. >> reporter: what is the right thing? >> exactly what i tried to do. push you underneath there. >> reporter: it was only a 6.8. 158 times less powerful than what hit japan. >> find the safest place in the room and take cover.
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>> reporter: they do the same in japan. watch how quickly these men dive for cover. surviving the earthquake itself is the first step. living through the aftermath is a big concern. imagine suddenly having no access to water, electricity, or communication. have essentials on hand. water, like these pouches, that stay fresh for five years, and other other staples like non perishable food and flashlight. be prepared. you never know when the big one will hit. if you want to know if that new report shows if you're home is near a quake zone and learn the ten steps to protect yourself, head to now, tonight, chaos in libya. first major defection for moammar gadhafi.
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his former intelligence chief thread to london to protest attacks on civilians. inside libya, rebels are on the run, retaking key towns. beating them back toward the east. how far will the u.s. and allies go to help those rebels? jake has more. >> reporter: sources tell apc fus that president obama signed a secret presidential finding authorizing covert aid to the libyan rebels. it does not authorize the arming of the rebels. that is the big debate now. a rag tag gang of rebels pushing back against a repressive attack. libya, 2011. and afghanistan 30 years ago. as recalled in 2001, by the late congressman charlie wilson, who pushed the u.s. to arm the rebels -- >> they were going to drive the russians from their soil, or they were going to die trying.
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and you just can't deprive people like that of a fair chance. >> reporter: in that case the freedom fighters eventually became the taliban, al qaeda and other affiliated groups -- something very much on the minds of white house officials as they debate arming the libyan opposition. what do we know about them? >> we don't know as much as we would like to know and as much as we expect we will know. >> reporter: official leaders seem credible. but serious questions remain about who is on the ground. >> we have seen flick ners the intelligence about potential al qaeda, hezbollah. >> reporter: a 2007 west point studly looked at fighters who entered iraq to fight against the u.s. 19% of them were from libya --
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>> a little boy. his 14th birthday gets a horse. everybody says, how wonderful. two years later, he falls off his horse, breaks his leg. everything says, how terrible. the zen master says, we'll see. the boy can't go off to fight in the war and everybody says, how woufrl. >> and the zen master says, we'll see. >> reporter: unintended consequences. as of today, the president has not made a decision about arming the rebels. >> but at a cross roads. the president delivered a speech about energy indianapolis today. the goal, cutting u.s. oil imports by one third over the next few years. who stands to gain from that? tonight, brian ross investigates whether the administration has played favorites with some of
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the billions of dollars in energy loans. e>> reporter: with great fanfare from the president, the federal government guaranteed a $535 million loan so this california solar panel company, which promised to create 1,000 new jobs. >> it's here that companies like solyndra are leading the way toward a bright and more prosperous future. >> reporter: but despite the huge government support, it has laid off workers. >> i would suspect it's already a loss for taxpayers. >> reporter: the company says it's on the right track and just needs more time. but now, congressional investigators are questioning why this company and others were chosen for the big government loans. a report by the government accountability office found they were favoring some companies and disadvantaging others. >> we don't know how the public's money is being
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protected. >> reporter: an abc news investigation with the center for public integrity found that other contributors have benefited. most notably, steve westly, of california, the president's guest at a recent state dinner. four companies tied to him have secured $512 million in loan grants. >> he shouldn't have been put on the map. >> reporter: the white house says his company is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the millions in government loans. he didn't want to talk about it. >> i can't speak to that. i'm so sorry. >> reporter: we're out in public. >> in addition to the doeld shoulder from mr. westly, the white house said we have it all
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wrong. politics has no role in who gets the billions of dollars for coveted loans. it's all about merit. >> good to see you tonight, brian. thank you. this is a story you'll remember. thousands of parents and children held their breath at sea world in florida today, as tilikum, the giant whale who killed his train ear year ago, was brought back to the show. matt gut mab watched the show. >> reporter: it started with the chant. with the trademark splash, killer whale tilikum's first time back in the pool since he grabbed his trainer's pony tail. >> jumped up and grabbed her. >> reporter: dragging her to the bottom of the pool until she drowned. she was the third human that the whale is accused of killing.
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federal agencies fined sea world in august. sea world would only provide a written statement saying tilikum's return to the pool is an important component. as for the welfare of the human trainers, they had the steel rails and ordered the female trainers to wear their hair in a tight bun. all the spectacle. all the water. when tilikum is in the water, the trainers are outside of it. heir in the allowed on the stage. sea world says it's building a fast rising flat bottom floor. they did dispatch minders to jot down our every word. the crowd loved it. matt gutman, abc news, orlando. and now ahead on "world news," do you know what things
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what if you could reduce your exposure to a potentially dangerous chemical by giving what is in your fridge and pantry a makeover? what if you could do it in three days? here's sharyn alfonsi with the results of a study. >> reporter: bpa is a common chemical. it can be in a plastic of that water bottle the lining of a can. it may even be in the plastic container you put your leftovers in. we don't know what the effect of all the bpa is on our bodies. still, here in the u.s., bpa is all around us and inside of us. an estimated 93% of americans have detectable levels of bpa in their bodies. this study offers good news. suggesting we can rid ourselves of bpa by changing what we eat.
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researchers had these families stop using canned foods and plastic gooder for three days. the result? the bpa levels dropped on average 60%. when the families went back to eating the old ways, the bpa levels went back up. >> if people make intelligent choices about the foods they eat and the packaging in which they store their foods, they could really reduce their expiece yours to synthetic chemicals in the environment. >> how do you know if there's bpa in something in your house? >> a lot of people think the numbers on the bottom tell that. it doesn't. the only way to know for sure is
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visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. he needs some gellin'. yeahhhhhhh. gellin' is like having a teeny tiny foot masseuse in your shoe. you like ? nice ! dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles. outrageous comfort, all-day long. of getting vitamins .and minerals. others will try .incredible total raisin bran with 100% of the daily value of 11 essential vitamins and minerals, juicy raisins and crunchy whole grain flakes. guess it's all about what kind of crunch you like. how are you getting 100%? it was 30 years ago today that president ronald reagan walked out of a washington hotel, waved to the crowd, and was met with a hail of bullets.
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today, we learned new details about what happened next. here's terry moran. >> reporter: it was a moment of truth for the country and for the man. [ gunshots ] six shots. less than two seconds. >> back up, back up! >> get him out, get him out! >> reporter: and in the chaos, three men down. the gunman, 25-year-old john hinkley jr., subdued in a bristling pack of secret service agents. a cry crisis for a young, untested president. it was barely two months after his inauguration. the country was mired in a recession. >> back to the white house. back to the white house. raw hide is okay. >> reporter: agent barry parr using the code name. good news, he seems to be
6:52 pm
unhurt. 46 seconds later, he switches course to the hospital. >> we're going to george washington fast. >> reporter: that decision saved reagan's life. the country held its breath and learned something about ronald reagan. at the hospital, the stricken president, in shock, with no discernible blood pressure faced the moment with grace and humor. >> he's on the operating room table. he said, i hope you're all republicans, with a big smile on his face. >> reporter: that night, after the three-hour surgery, nurse joant bell said she had to tell him to stop chatting away. >> mr. president, in the most polite way i can tell you, i want you to shut up and go the sleep. >> reporter: on that awful day 30 years ago, it wasn't what
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ronald reagan did that is so memorable. it's who he was. terry moran, abc news. and when we return, the megamillion dilemma. if your coworker didn't kick into the office pool that day and you hit the jack pot, should row share? for strong bones, i take calcium.
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but dentists recommend biotene. biotene moisturizes and helps supplement some of saliva's enzymes, providing soothing relief when you need it most. don't ignore dry mouth... look for biotene in your oral care section today. this has been medifacts for biotene. and finally tonight, we learned today that the seven lucky coworkers who hit the megamillions jack pot have an eighth, not so lucky coworker who usually kicks in. this day, he skipped it. should he get a piece of the $319 million pie is this here's dan harris. >> reporter: this story about
6:57 pm
the unlucky worker who skipped out on the office pool got us thinking about our show on friday nights. >> what would you do? >> reporter: if you were in an office pool, a fire house pool, and aaron opted out, would you cut him in on the money? >> if it was aaron, yeah. >> i'm not sure -- >> him, but not him. >> reporter: next, we surveyed workers at the local aspca. all of them holding animals available for adoption. would you share the win wgs the person who opted out? >> yes. >> reporter: you would? >> i would. >> i definitely would. >> reporter: not because you have a puppy in your hands? >> down she goes. >> reporter: and finally, as it turns out, i'm a member of an office lottery pool. these characters are some of the members of the group. what would you do if we won and
6:58 pm
i skipped that week? would you cut me in? >> if it was a big jackpot, yes. >> i feel like you play or you lose. >> reporter: that's cold. people that skip out that one time when the office or group hits the jack pot are, more often than not, cut out of the winnings. there have been lawsuits. possible moral of the story, if you want to be sure of generosity, get a dog. would you share your money with me? i think you would. >> and i've been hearing from all of you on facebook today on all sides of this issue. continue to let me know what you think. be sure to check weigh in there, too. so good to have you with us. weal see you tomorrow. ♪
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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] with amazing innovation, driven by relentless competition, wireless puts the world at your command. ♪ we're with you when you're saving for your dreams.

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